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At Seventh Sense Software we have significant expertise in developing state-of-the-art algorithms for remote sensing image analysis.

A major goal in multispectral image analysis is to establish the precise material content in each pixel of an image. This information can then be compiled for further processing by imaging or intelligence experts to obtain a detailed understanding of any given scene.

At Seventh Sense Software this practical problem has been translated into its abstract mathematical representation and tackled in a completely rigorous manner. Our solutions are free of undesirable approximations which may result in the loss of vital information from the source. We can therefore produce fractional material abundance maps with a near-theoretically-optimal level of accuracy.

Our analytically rigorous solutions quite naturally bring together the standard subproblems of multispectral image analysis into a single, logically consistent framework. As a result, our multispectral toolkit includes some of the world's finest algorithms for performing edge (mixed pixel) detection, endmember extraction, spectral unmixing, and subpixel and anomaly detection.

Our solutions are particularly unique in that they are capable of working in a completely unsupervised manner, and are able to extract detailed information from an image without requiring human intervention, making them suitable for automated intelligence-gathering and reconnaisance missions.

The detailed mathematical analysis automatically generated by our system allows it to automatically identify all material spectra and objects of interest in a scene without requiring access to pre-generated spectral databases. This unparalleled level of understanding of any scene makes possible intelligent data compression where truly incredible compression ratios are achieved without risking any loss or distortion of useful intelligence data contained within the image.

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