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The Mathematics Dojo is a unique project being developed in-house by Seventh Sense Software to enhance the learning experience for students anywhere, young or old, who would like to have access to a high quality mathematical education without limits.

Students can learn at their own pace in a mildly competitive, yet enjoyable and friendly collaborative environment, and will have access to sympathetic mentors to guide them through whenever they find themselves struggling at any point.

Progress is acknowledged by the awarding of coloured 'belts'. Just as in a karate dojo, all students, young and old, begin as 'white belts' and as their knowledge and skill in their chosen discipline increases, they progress one grade at a time until they reach the level of 'black belt', which in the Mathematics Dojo coincides approximately with the level required to go on to study mathematics at university.

The next stage of learning begins once the black belt grade has been achieved and students proceed to take more advanced courses and to specialise into specific fields of interest. There is no limit to progress in the student's chosen path, and once a sufficient level of expertise has been attained the student will be able to take part in original research in his chosen field(s) and contribute to the further development of the tree of knowledge, with these contributions being of benefit to other students following the same path.

Graduates of the program can, if desired, choose to mentor junior students who would like to follow in their footsteps on the path of knowledge, wisdom and enlightenment. We hope that the world will be a better place as a result.

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