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Looking for world class solutions fast? Then look no further - just ask!

At Seventh Sense Software we are experts in the development of complex, time-efficient and storage-efficient mathematical algorithms to solve problems arising in diverse real-world applications. We have considerable expertise in fields such as financial data analysis, statistical pattern recognition, hyperspectral remote sensing and computer-aided diagnosis.

Our lead algorithm developer is Dr Sabbir Rahman, who is an Oxford graduate and MIT theoretical physicist with a wealth of industrial experience developing state-of-the-art scientific, mathematical and statistical algorithms.

If you simply provide us with a technical description or academic reference for the algorithm (or system) you need developed, we will be happy to convert it into working code for you to use either as a standalone algorithm or within your own applications. Our hourly rates for algorithm development are as follows*:

For each hour, up to one day (i.e. up to 8 hours):

£200 per hour
Each subsequent hour, up to one week (i.e. 40 hours):
£150 per hour
Each subsequent hour, up to one month (i.e. 160 hours):
£120 per hour
For each subsequent hour beyond one month:
£100 per hour

If you would like us to develop new algorithms which go beyond what is currently published in the available literature, do not be afraid to ask - we may surprise you!

To make a request for Seventh Sense Software to develop advanced technical solutions for your organisation, please contact

*Seventh Sense Software reserves the right to refuse to work on any project for any reason whatsoever and without explanation.