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Seventh Sense Software was first established in Bangladesh in January 2002 to create world class statistical and scientific software products, and in order to demonstrate the country's potential to earn a reputation as a global centre for advanced technology development. The initial version of the company's flagship product, Chameleon Statistics was commercially released in June of that year.

The company was founded by Dr Sabbir Rahman, an Oxford graduate and MIT theoretical physicist with a wealth of industrial experience. He has worked with new startups as well as some of the world's most established companies in the defence technology, aerospace, medical, software/IT, statistics and finance sectors.

He is joined by Dr Mohamed Mekias, a world class programmer with an MIT PhD in pure mathematics. Dr Mekias contributes to the company many years of experience working within the software/IT, semiconductor and petroleum industries.

Seventh Sense Software has flourished and spread its wings since its origins, boasting the services of highly knowledgeable consultants and developers in both the United Kingdom and the United Arab Emirates. The company custom designs and develops advanced scientific/technical software solutions that are either:

(i) custom-built on a consultancy basis for our corporate clients and according to their precise needs and specifications, or

(ii) developed in-house either for use online or for worldwide export and sale by our independent marketing partners.

To discover how Seventh Sense Software can provide advanced technical solutions for your company, please contact