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[Continued...] The profile view provides a clear and intuitive summary of the statistics of the data samples. For each variable, the mean, range, standard deviation, quartiles and overall distribution of values are displayed. The statistics for a single variable or for all variables simultaneously can be displayed using any of several predefined or user-defined styles.

The image view allows the display of any kind of image data set, such as multispectral remote sensing imagery, or simple scanned photographs. Support for (uncompressed) bitmaps is also included. Bands can be individually selected for display in RGB or greyscale. Clusters may be overlayed onto the image for interactive manipulation.

Chameleon Statistics's unique and proprietary graphical techniques for visualisation of density estimates and their contours not only make for stunning presentations which place our software light years ahead of the competition, but also promise to set new paradigms in statistical data representation. We think you will agree!