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We will assume that you have just downloaded and installed the trial version of Chameleon Statistics Scientific Edition and would like a quick hands-on idea of what kinds of things the program can do.

The first thing you should note is that there are several sample datasets which you can experiment with in the "Project Data" subdirectory of the installation directory. If you have accepted the defaults suggested by the installation program, the sample datasets will be found in "C:\Program Files\Chameleon Statistics\Project Data".

To begin, run Chameleon Statistics and select File >> Open to import a dataset. Use the dialog box to find the "Project Data" directory containing the sample datasets. Select the file "pollen.txt" and click the Open button to import the data. A small dialogue box will appear summarising the properties of the dataset. In this case we have 90 samples (plants) each described by 9 variables (pollen types). Press Continue to proceed.

A scatter plot and profile will appear, and you will notice that most of the menu items and toolbar buttons have become available for use. The scatter plot shows a 3-D projection of the data samples, while the profile gives a summary of the distributions of each of the variables. The orange line in the profile view shows the values for the currently selected point. Try clicking near different points in the scatter plot and see. [Continued...]