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Below are release notes for version 1.23 of Chameleon Statistics Scientific Edition. (Release notes for earlier versions are available here).

New features:

* Full 3D density plots with 2D surface contours have been added. Minimum density threshold option added.
* Principal components analysis can now be applied to data for feature selection.
* Box plot histograms with range selection now available in profile view.
* Manual creation of class hierarchies have been implemented.
* Trial version now fully functional for at least 20 uses.

Bug fixes and enhancements :

* Manual scaling is now the default for improved visualisation of scatter plot. Tickmarks and scales also added. Background colour may now be selected.
* Scales added to mouse entry dialog box. Classes now begin with "Class_1".
* Rotation angles updated after autorotation in scatter plot options dialog box.
* Window icons updated to reflect each different view.
* Height ratios for hierarchical partitions changed for improved visualisation.
* Range selection implemented for 1D density plots.
* Number of classes (if any) displayed on loading new data sets.
* Log scale on binary tree improved, and class labels added.
* Class information dialog box added.

Known Issues: