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Current news:

1st August Seventh Sense Software begins work on a greatly enhanced feature-rich and platform-independent version of its flagship Chameleon Statistics application.

Timeline of events:

27/06/2007 Seventh Sense Software completes development of the Knowledge Buddy prototype, which is a general purpose ontology development and knowledge management tool built in Python.

12/07/2006 Dr Rahman proposes the existence of negative mass and antigravity in the context of general relativity and thereby derives a model of neutrinos as matter-antimatter dipoles which, when subjected to gravitational polarisation, can consistently explain the occurence of modified Newtonian dynamics. Preprint is available here.

21/07/2005 Dr Rahman presents a paper at the Albert Einstein Century International Conference in Paris explaining how classical electrodynamics can be described completely in terms of the motion of a two-component space-filling relativistic fluid. Conference paper is available here.

31/08/2004 Dr Rahman discovers a consistent mathematical formulation of the luminiferous aether responsible for propagation of electromagnetic waves. Preprint is available here.

Earlier news:

7/03/2004 Chameleon Statistics Scientific Edition Version 1.23 now available! Major new features include: (i) full 3D density plots with 2D contour surfaces, (ii) principal components analysis, (iii) box plot histograms, and (iv) manual creation of class hierarchies. The fully functional trial version may be downloaded here.

20/01/2004 Seventh Sense Software completes a working prototype of a fully-configurable multilingual keyboard driver for Unicode-compatible input.

11/11/2003 Seventh Sense Software Limited is established in London, England for development and distribution of Seventh Sense products.

20/10/2003 Seventh Sense Software successfully demonstrates the world's first transfer-based machine translation system for accurate translation of simple English sentences to Bengali and vice-versa. The system has the potential to rapidly and accurately translate texts between any pair of languages.

01/09/2003 Seventh Sense Software completes development of its revolutionary multilingual parsing engine.

24/08/2003 Seventh Sense Software researcher, Aminul Haque (Johnny), receives the prestigious Gold Medal Award for Mathematics from Dhaka University.

13/08/2003 Seventh Sense Software developers successfully demonstrate the company's speech recognition prototype at the Ministry of Science & ICT.

06/08/2003 Seventh Sense Software initiates collaboration with BIBEAT for development of sophisticated yet low cost electrophysiological measurement systems.

26/07/2003 Trial version of Chameleon Statistics Scientific Edition Version 1.22 now available for download directly from website.

21/07/2003 Seventh Sense Software successfully completes a software prototype for isolated word/phrase Bengali speech recognition.

24/06/2003 Seventh Sense Software develops a Unicode-compliant keyboard driver and editor for Bengali character input into any Unicode-based application. The tool is flexible enough to be generalised easily for input of multiple languages.

09/06/2003 Seventh Sense Software enters into a strategic alliance with eSophers, the country's top 3D games and graphical simulation developers.

29/05/2003 Seventh Sense Software relocates to larger offices to accommodate ongoing expansion.

14/05/2003 Seventh Sense Software establishes regular research seminars to be held bi-weekly at the Seventh Sense offices. The seminars will be open to the public.

19/04/2003 Dr Rahman attends the OIC ICIP conference in Islamabad, Pakistan, where he announces the establishment of the Sabr Institute for Research and Technology.

03/04/2003 Seventh Sense Software partners with Rotasis for joint development of enterprise management solutions.

14/03/2003 Seventh Sense Software forges a strategic alliance with Indonesian-based Penta Technologies for joint development projects and shared initiatives.

15/02/2003 Seventh Sense Software welcomes over fifty talented new scientific programmers to join the Advanced Developer Training Program.

12/02/2003 Seventh Sense Software relocates to larger offices to accommodate ongoing major expansion.

21/01/2003 Seventh Sense Software starts accepting applications for its Advanced Developer Training Program. See "Employment Opportunities" for more details.

09/11/2002 Version 1.22 of Chameleon Statistics released. Contains some minor bug fixes and enhancements.

08/11/2002 Chameleon Statistics featured in an article in Tech pages of the Daily Star, a major English language daily newspaper.

26/10/2002 Chameleon Statistics presented at BASIS SoftExpo 2002. Seventh Sense Software's "Advanced Developer's Training Program" also unveiled.

15/10/2002 Version 1.21 of Chameleon Statistics released. All users of version 1.x are urged to upgrade to the latest version.

01/10/2002 Seventh Sense Software is accepted for membership of BASIS, the Bangladesh Association of Software and Information Services.

23/09/2002 Seventh Sense Software establishes a new office near the Pan Pacific Sonargaon Hotel in Hatirpool, Dhaka.

05/09/2002 Version 1.2 of Chameleon Statistics released.

12/08/2002 Upgraded version 1.1 of Chameleon Statistics released.

14/06/2002 Chameleon Statistics Scientific Edition officially released.

22/04/2002 Seventh Sense Software acquires linguistic components from language software developers Tri-Gem Computers.

23/02/2002 Website for Chameleon Statistics package established.

20/02/2002 Seventh Sense Software's website established.

28/01/2002 Seventh Sense Software established.