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To download the trial version* of Chameleon Statistics Scientific Edition v1.23 just click on the link below:

ChamSE123TrialSetup.exe (Single User Academic License - 2.90MB)**

[Requirements: Standard PC with Win 95/98/NT/2000/ME/XP operating system.
Recommended: At least 64MB RAM, 16-bit graphics mode @ 800x600 resolution, and 16MB HD storage space

Sample data sets are available for experimentation in the "Project Data" subdirectory of the installation directory. See the tutorial "Getting Started with Chameleon" for a quick overview of the programs features.

To purchase a license to release the functionality of the full version, click here.

Release notes for version 1.23 are available here. Release notes for earlier versions are available here.

Users of version 1.x are urged to freely upgrade to version 1.23. Please contact for upgrading instructions.

*The trial mode is intended for evaluation purposes only. Commercial use is strictly prohibited until an appropriate license has been purchased. The trial version will remain fully functional for at least 20 uses of the software to allow complete evaluation. After this, only the sample data sets provided, as well as standard bitmap images and manually entered data may be analysed. Upon registration, all restrictions on file input, data editing and file output will be removed.

**Other licenses are also available here. These include a boxed package containing the software CD with documentation which will be physically shipped to the customer. Electronic versions of the software and documentation can also be made available upon request in such cases.